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Fixed ordering of rigpool1 and rigpool2 when running dstm-zcash.Added datagather for NVIDIA GPUs (bios, memory size, pci id number, etc).Added better message-of-the-day and added calls to action for guides and documentation.Made overheat protection happen more quickly and reliably (sample GPU temperature every two seconds).Reduced size of ethOS live image contents to be less than 4gb.Added column for NVIDIA watts to ethosdistro.com stats panel.Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.Monero Price; Dash Price;. we’ve seen Coinbase growing at insane rates of 125,000 users per day. Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices with up to.

Fixed a permission issue causing drive report to fail in the gethelp command.Added better support for series-based AMDGPU (RX) overclocking.Added instructions for custom private farm ID to sample config.Added update-miners command that updates all miners on ethOS to their latest versions.Added more cases for automatically restarting optiminer in cases that it reports crashes or errors.Fixed potential permissions issued associated with running reset-config.Added teamviewer ( usage is optional ) to ethOS and implemented required changes for it.

Fixed an issue where autorebooter and custompanel parameters were not being read correctly from config.Koods as a day trader you have. Bitcoin will break 10k per. (though I doubt it will crash) and inevitably be replaced IMO but who knows when. Monero.

Salvage Toyota Land Cruiser Suvs for Sale And Auction | JTMCY7AJXG4046301. View damaged repairables cars, trucks, and motorcycles.This adds [snap](https://snapcraft.io) packaging to the project. See the link for more information on snaps. Snap packages install on all Linux distributions. On.Refactored NVIDIA overclocking to enhance reliability on edge cases.Added instructions for installing the latest versions of miners to ethOS knowledge base.

Added a method to show more useful information early in the boot process.Fixed hard-reboot to act properly and consistently between GPU platforms.Fixed an issue where some R9 300 series GPUs were not reading overclock settings properly.Pak guns fall silent along LoC after 8 days of shelling. down by up to 1.19 per cent,. Monero, and transfer the.Added more guides, examples, and sources to their respective locations.

Properly reported claymore hashrate as zero if a GPU is in a crashed state.Optimized NVIDIA-related stats collection to be less resource-intensive.Instant win sweepstakes are fun to enter,. 1 x daily per person/email End Date:. Enter to Win Romantic Prizes with Valentine's Day Sweepstakes.Fixed cases where hashing would stop, but would not reliably report this condition to ethOS stats panel.Fixed cases where IRC name was not assigned properly, if logging in to IRC from rig.Like an ice cube in the sun, prices on virtually all cryptocurrencies continued to melt today. A brief weekend rally proved to be a dead cat bounce, and the.Launched configmaker.com and added instructions where necessary.

Removed some disk writes associated with logging to allow longer disk lifespan.Fixed a problem associated with ethOS stats panel reporting live mining instances inaccurately.Revamped hash-gather methods to support the addition of future miners more quickly.Imported all latest MSI Z170 motherboard firmware releases into ethOS update server.Refactored gpu-info datagather to work in edge cases where it would previously timeout.Added ability to set custom private farm ID in ethosdistro.com stats panel.Added OhGodACompany bios mod tools to ethOS (ohgodadecode, ohgodacsumfixer).Fixed cases where terminal would display as white window after updates from old ethOS versions.

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Added syntax highlighting to nano that supports ethOS config style.Added better notifications if a driver-related rig issue occurs.Fixed a bug that caused some worker names to have an extra period (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).Added NVIDIA update support to ethOS 1.2.3 by repackaging NVIDIA drivers from 1,200mb to 30mb.Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by setting powertune before miner startup.

30 Day No Question Asked Returns. Etherum, Monero (XMR): Best GPU Choices For A Mining Rig Oct 9, 2017. by Agus Yulianto. 1 Star & Up & Up.Added per-rig and per-gpu data to ethosdistro.com read-only API.XMR STAK hw loc memory pinned. Free Download Best Latest Top New. Platform: (MIDP-1.0), (MIDP-1.1), (MIDP-2.0) by Samystick. XMR STAK hw loc memory pinned.Added high-resolution monitor to see GPU-related stats in realtime.Added better support for dual GPUs (7990, R9 295x2, etc) in amdmeminfo.Revamped rig-status on-desktop display to better show current rig status.Optimized driver selection and gpulist detection in ethOS preboot scripts.Added automatic GPU throttling system to reduce likelihood of overheating GPUs from shutting down miner.

Added warning message to apt-get and added apt-get-ubuntu command to prevent users from breaking ethOS.Removed openCL and driver warnings if driverless mode is enabled.Added more mining monitoring checks for optiminer, to attempt to continue mining in case of errors.PAYING MONERO CLOUD MINING. Day by day they learned more. The post Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices with up to -20% in 2018 appeared first on CCN.Fixed the FGLRX error that was introduced in 1.2.4, which caused some systems to have issues with overclocking the last GPU.Added average GPU temperature historical graph to ethosdistro.com stats panel.Prevented collection of public IP if custompanel is defined in config.

Prevented ethos-update from allowing updates if miners are in a defunct state, or if system has been up for over one hour.Fixed a case where claymore ethereum miner stops mining if a single GPU crashes.Fixed cases where ethosdistro.com stats panel was slow for some users.Cleaned up in-ethOS GPU thread counting definitions in favor of automatic counting by mining programs.

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