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The world of cryptocurrency extends far beyond. In brick-and-mortar stores that accept cryptocurrency,. you're accepting our Terms and Conditions and our.

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CryptoGuppy: themightyx, well, there has been quite some debate about that:D.JasonCatalyst: Remember a clever fellow has a lot of ETC and will surely employ a skilled market maker to pump it for his selloff.Arelowo: Does anyone else notice the steady stream of 1.85 ETC being sold.JAGANNATH: Ultrabadger, his actual name is available, busoni is his handle.Banhammer: FrenchCanadian banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken.You must know something about XCP I do not. and I am funding it so I find that unlikely:).

Zagial: miau, but if it needs to drop 50 usd as a correction then so be it.Bitsbetrippin: The problem with ethereum Classic is its development core support.StealthTrader: SteamboatG, I also did a detailed post about this.

CryptoNeverSleeps: Took a copy of the ethereum blockchain just before the fork (like 20 blocks before), so now I can easily go back and forth between both chains:).TeaEarlGreyHot: waves always seem better further down the beach.Socket: theskyisfalling, currently they are the same but if eth makes a code change its open source and can be applied to etc.Lets say u had 10 eth, then thats the 10 eth n 10 etc, past the fork.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: mloproductions, hacker had 3.4m ETC.Zagial: Flynn, making money is not super easy, but you want to vote on new posts that go on to be popular, and hope whales vote on your posts.PumpyDumpy: james876541, ahh come on. buy XST if you want. but remember my words: you will wait and wait and wait for finally dumping it for good.Please file a support ticket at and they will assist you further.The gift that keeps giving? Give the ‘nocoiner’ in your family a crypto-gift this holiday season. They’ll probably thank you next Christmas.

If ETC gains popularity over eth. yes. but if ethereum system gets popularity in general, it will increase both.The eth had to be in a withdrawable status to get the etc match I guess.

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JAGANNATH: ofc ETC just needs enough support for a clean exit of 10 - 15m coins.

Hindsight2020: MrMaroon, if u been watching order book ur see how fishy.MattShmatt: now what if the price of btc takes off and leaves ETC behind.DOCinTheBox: if you dont like it there are other places to trade.CharlesPonzi: TeaEarlGreyHot, ETC is simply r e a l l y CHEAP eth.SERPENT: i think ethereum should change the wording on their website xD.

So I have some days to play with until I have to pay the bill.BjornBB: the same group brining up etc is now pumping eth to get fanboys excited only to short it into oblivion.

Futterwacken: Fibonacci, there is no option for us to cancel it.SuperDuperMan: StealthTrader, not a lot there tbh if anything.SuperDuperMan: Bingaling, vitalik is an alien the world is his oyster.Capricoinn: crypto is so exciting ive peed myself 3 times today.StealthTrader: SteamboatG, Its on the back burner in my mind. obviously it was my very first steemit post it WAS my first thing i got here too.

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