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Fixed ethernet driver bug which caused some rigs to lose internet connection after updating to ethOS 1.1.x.Prevented stats panel from displaying bogus data if that data did not exist.Fixed issues associated with AMDGPU overclocking when integrated GPU is enabled.Added proper detection for 500-series GPUs in stats panel and desktop display.The decentralized system will hold the LOC booking ledger which will be the core of the engine. Build an Ethereum Mining Rig (Also Dual Mining Capable).Customized ethOS kernel configuration to remove unnecessary hardware options.

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Fix cases where running ethos-overclock manually resulted in a delay early in the boot process.Fixed the FGLRX error that was introduced in 1.2.4, which caused some systems to have issues with overclocking the last GPU.Fixed some cases where mining problems were not being properly detected by using filemtime of ethminer log file.

Fixed cases where hashing would stop, but would not reliably report this condition to ethOS stats panel.Prevented situations where the on-boot GPU list got cut off by other boot process lines.Fixed an issue where some R9 300 series GPUs were not reading overclock settings properly.Optimized log cleaning to rotate ethOS logs stored in ramdisk.Fixed an issue where ethOS would incorrectly display a command-line login prompt during boot.Added automatic shutdown if a rig is in a reboot-preventing, overheated, defunct state, caused by bad hardware of bad configuration.

Added support for zcash mining with zcash-miner GPU miner ( instructions ).Fixed syntax and issues associated with multi-threaded miner.Adjusted stats panel webserver parameters to reduce undue system load.Virginia Raffaele. Sanremo, sorpresa Virginia Raffaele, Gino Paoli commuoveUna bomba sexy sul palco di Sanremo: Virginia Raffaele incanta e.Even I change vlt to 850 or 900, power drawn from the wall is the same.

Added ADL-related error as an event condition to API if rig cannot mine due to a hardware-related problem.Added update-miners command that updates all miners on ethOS to their latest versions.Fixed cases where claymore ETH miner would not work on all pools.Added find-gpu tool to find GPUs by revving its fan up and down (example: find-gpu 2 ).Added cuda-devices to ewbf-zcash so that it can better detect the total amount of connected NVIDIA GPUs.Made charts more responsive, fixed issues associated with chart formatting and date formatting.Separate ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata functionality, resulting in better sampling of conf and rig data.

Fixed cases where globalfan did not set correctly on some NVIDIA GPUs.Fixed cases where rx and tx samples were not collected accurately.For all Ethereum Mining Pool related discussions. Newly set up rig can't be seen by. Technical questions regarding the build and operation of.Fixed cases where optiminer-zcash failed to restart if it experienced a non-fatal error.Added NVIDIA update support to ethOS 1.2.3 by repackaging NVIDIA drivers from 1,200mb to 30mb.Assigned mh color in stats panel based on the pool settings (to quickly identify different pool settings at a glance).Allowed claymore dualminer definition through ethOS config (see ).Fixed cases where home directory permissions were not set correctly.

Fixed a case where claymore ethereum miner stops mining if a single GPU crashes.☰Menu Building a GPU Mining Rig (Part 3: GPU Installation, BIOS Config and First Boot) May 23, 2017 #cryptofarm #ethereum #cryptocurrency #mining #crypto-farm-series.Added an auto-resizer to ethOS bootloader menu (allows users to auto-resize the ethOS partition to encompass the entire disk).

Script pentru minare monezi digitale -

Fixed an issue where overheat event conditions set miner hashrate display to zero on the stats panel.

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Fixed issues associated with preparing ethOS image for end users.Reduced potential of cosmetic errors from appearing during ethOS startup.Fixed an issue in ethos-update where re-applying update was not possible in some scenarios.

Fixed a permission issue causing drive report to fail in the gethelp command.Fixed erroneous status updates that occur if rig is autorebooted.

Added sgminer 5.5.5, resulting in better stability for XMR mining.A review of EVGA's Gaming 1070 SC ACX 3.0 GPU for the purpose of Ethereum mining. A Review of The EVGA GTX 1070 SC ACX. attempting to build an optimized mining.Added datagather for NVIDIA GPUs (bios, memory size, pci id number, etc).Revamped custompanel functionality, reduced the chances of code dependency causing system-wide problems.Fixed cases where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display correct hashrates.Fixed ordering of rigpool1 and rigpool2 when running dstm-zcash.

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